Best 10 Louis van Gaal press moments

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Best 10 Louis van Gaal press moments
One of the most famous football coaches in the world. The current coach of the Dutch national team and the new coach of football club Machester United. Louis van Gaal is not only known for his coaching abilities, also known for his controversial moments with the press. Below are the 10 best moments press.

10. Louis van Gaal loses his temper on TV sports show
In scene for an advertisement, but Van Gaal with humor also has a spot in this top 10 list.

9. Louis van Gaal hit camera after annoying interview with Dutch journalist

8. Van Gaal Karate Kick at Champions League Final 1995
Louis van Gaal acrobatic karate leap in the 1995 Champions League Final.

7. That’s a stupid question
Louis van Gaal admitted he would love to be Manchester United’s next manager, but refused to confirm whether he has agreed a deal with the club.

6. Legendäres Louis Van Gaal Interview mit Jörg Dahlmann

5. Louis van Gaal teaches Dutch journalists (Start at 00.35 seconds)

4. Van Gaal Great Speech ‘Meisterfeier des FC Bayern München’ (9-5-2010)

3. My philosophy makes me one of the best
Dutch coach van Gaal exclusively spoke about his coaching philosophy, young talents and the character of his players.

2. ¡Siempre negativo, nunca positivo!

1. Am I the one who is so smart, or are you so stupid?
In Dutch with English subtitles.

Which Van Gaal moment do you find the best?

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