Best 10 buzzer beaters in Basketball

Published on May 19, 2014 by best10videos

Best 10 buzzer beaters in Basketball

10. The most casual buzzer beater of the year
Check out Andre Miller as he barely beats the clock with this buzzer beating three pointer to end the first quarter from beyond half court!

9. INSANE 90 foot Buzzer Beater Dayton Christian High School!
Casey Weber hits a 90 foot 3-pointer at the buzzer during the Section Finals game of Dayton Christian versus Arcanum at the University of Dayton Arena on March 6, 2009. This throw from deep center field is just another day in the gym for Casey.

8. Game Winner Buzzer Beater Full Court Shot
Easton Gamoke making an overtime game winning full court shot! (26 sec.)

7. Backwards Halfcourt Buzzer Beater
Austin Groff from Twin Valley South High School heaves a desperate attempt at the end of the first quarter and makes an unbelievable shot.

6. Kemba Walker Hits the Game Winning Jumper for UConng
Cardiac Kemba strikes again! Walker steps back with time ticking down and hits the game winning shot over Gary McGhee to put the Huskies over the Panthers, 76-74.

5. LeBron’s OT buzzer-beating game-winner vs Pacers!
Check out this INCREDIBLE buzzer beater from LeBron James as he drives by Paul George and connects with the left-handed layup in the final second of Overtime in Game 1 against the Pacers to give the Heat a 1-0 lead in the Eastern Conference Finals!

4. Class AA championship
Khalil Edney hits a 55-foot buzzer-beater to give New Rochelle the win over Mount Vernon in Section 1 Class AA championship game in Westchester, NY

3. Derek Fisher 0.4 shot

2. Austin Rivers Game Winning Buzzer Beater – Duke Beats Carolina
Duke Freshman Guard Austin Rivers makes a game winning 3-pointer at the buzzer to lead Duke to the road upset of North Carolina. River scored a career-high 29 points, including six 3-pointers.

1. On the floor
Blake Hoffarber’s buzzer beater in the Minnesota State Championship game.

What do you think is the best Buzzer beater ever?


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